2018 Opening Day Muzzle Season – Al M. – Wausau WI

Jacob S. – Green Bay WI

Dave T. – Green Bay WI

Kevin G. – Wausau WI

Kieth P. – Green Bay WI

Chuck H. – Merrill WI

John H. – Merrill WI

Kieth D. – Green Bay WI

Most dedicated deer hunter for the 2018 season goes to Adam M – Green Bay WI.

Nobody put in as many hours in their blind as Adam, he was in the woods so long his family almost forgot to take him home at the end of the week.

Vanessa H. Winnipeg MB.

Marion, after all the hunters went home Marion finally had a few minutes of spare time to relax in the woods where she managed to put a few pounds of venison in her freezer.

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